10 Behaviors Toxic People Display before Revealing Themselves

Toxic behavior and especially toxic people are hard to notice but are quite omnipresent among us. Usually, toxic people seem as normal as any one of us, but with a twist.

The insisting, unforgiving and egoistic nature of toxic people might skip your attention, which is why you need to learn how to recognize it.

If left unhandled, toxic people are powerful enough to affect you with their mood, and take pride in it, too!

Read the top 10 indications that you are dealing with a toxic person, so you can avoid them more easily:

1. No apologies

For toxic people, their behavior is not wrong at all. Therefore, you cannot expect a toxic person to apologize, let alone recognize the problem they’re causing.

Toxic people will find millions of excuses to prove their point is valid and will make you feel bad about making them feel bad altogether. So, if you cannot get a negative person to apologize (and you probably won’t), it is quite a time to move on from them.

2. Prove yourself

In the eyes of a toxic person, you will always be the one who has to ‘chase’ them and show that you are worthy of their time.

Although being guilty themselves, toxic individuals enjoy letting you take the blame for everything, thus feeling the need to justify yourself at all time.

Your job here is to avoid falling under the toxic pressure and never give toxic behavior a reason to make you feel inferior.

3. Projection, instead of reflection

Toxic people use projection to manipulate those around them. What’s more, they will shift the blame on you, making you feel as this is your burden to carry.

Remember, the way toxic people do this is by making you feel the guilt, without any of it being actually your fault. This is called reflection.

Manipulators use simple phrases and have an undermining tone to the way they speak. But, their behavior has nothing to do with you. Let it go, and move on.

4. Manipulation

Toxic entities are known manipulators, who always find ways to turn things to their own benefit. For that, they can easily hurt others and make them feel guilty for a situation they hadn’t even initiated.

It is more than important that you learned or recognize signs of manipulation.

If there is only one person that seems satisfied at all times, you might be looking at your manipulator. Toxic people like to create drama, and then sit back and enjoy the show. Don’t let them.

5. Who are you?

You never know what to expect from a toxic person. They appreciate you in accordance with their moods, and may one day be an angel, but the next the devil himself.

Even more, they are quite happy with this behavior, as it saves them the trouble of attaching to others too much. This is their tool of control. Take it away.

6. Debbie Downers

Everything that makes you happy, will make a toxic person manipulate you into thinking it is not enough.

This can refer to anything from finding success to having a happy relationship or going on a vacation. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of this manipulation. Resist it.

7. What’s solving a problem?

Toxic people cannot understand the concept of solving a problem. To them, creating a problem is the only way to go.

Even if you work yourself up trying to mend an issue, toxic people will always find a way to come up with another issue to your solution.

Don’t let that happen, as it may negatively reflect on your readiness in life and mental strength. And even though toxic beings would love nothing more but infect you with their mood, avoid allowing them to.

8. Sounds like trouble!

Yes, it’s true, toxic people like to make the sounds of disagreement. Therefore, they’ll sigh, sound annoyed or disappointed if a situation doesn’t suit their dark needs.

Recognize the smallest of undermining sounds coming from a toxic person and prevent it from continuing before it’s too late.

9. No agreement

One indication that you are surrounded by toxic people is that you cannot agree with them on anything. If they find a situation unfit to their concept and scenario, they’ll boycott it to get their own way.

Tenacity, rebellion for no good reason, and outbursts…yup, you just landed upon a seriously toxic person. Now, run.

10. A step too far

Toxic individuals like to be dramatic. For that, they’ll add spicy details to all stories, most of which are untrue or exaggerated to the very least.

On the flip side, toxic people are more than exaggerating when it comes to their own accomplishments…positively speaking, of course.

They will likely make you feel bad about all you’ve done but will credit themselves to doing just dandy in life. Umm, no thank you.