10 Reasons To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room Of Your Home

It is an understatement how healthy Himalayan salt is to our health, especially compared to its keen. So, if you thought that Himalayan salt lamps would not be just as effective, we have some news -- you couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, Himalayan salt lamps are some of the most beneficial items to have at your home, and for several reasons as well.

First, aesthetics. Himalayan salt lamps will fit amazingly in every corner of your home. Whether you want its maximum benefits in your bedroom or kitchen, this pretty little lamp is nice to look at, as well.

You have all heard of ions. Now ions may be either positive or negative and depending on this aspect, you might begin to lose electrons which negative ions replace.

Given that, a Himalayan lamp might be quite handy to have in your household. Let’s explain a bit further, shall we?

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Below, find all benefits and qualities of owning a Himalayan salt lamp in order to protect your health.

1. Salt lamps purify the air

From pollen to dust and dirt particles, Himalayan salt lamps offer lots of cleansing properties. This also includes unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke, burnt food in the kitchen or smelly socks.

2. Prevent allergy and protect against asthma

As one of its abilities is to remove all elements of dust and mold, a Himalayan salt lamp will have your lungs breathing normally once again.

Place the lamp wherever you spend most of your time and enjoy another level of clean air at home.

3. Alleviates chronic coughs

All Himalayan salt lamps heat up, and when they do, there is a significant change in molecules in the air. With that, the air gets rid of harmful ions that threaten your health and obviously irritate your lungs.

4. Increase Energy Levels

Himalayan salt lamps radiate positive energy and are able to soothe the mood in any room or your home. Consequently, you will find yourself more energized just by hanging out around your new lamp.

5. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

EMF is one of the worst health threats of today. Luckily, Himalayan salt lamps offer lots of purifying qualities and can keep the radiation in your home at bay.

6. Better Sleep

Want to sleep better? Get a Himalayan salt lamp and place it next to your bed. Its favorable radiation of energy will calm your body and mind, leaving stress-free sleeping soundly.

7. Improve Mood & Concentration

The fact that Himalayan salt lamps provide you with more energy also means an improved mood and enhanced focus. The aura this lamp creates is more than favorable to use at work.

8. Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Due to its warming properties, Himalayan salt lamps can soothe and help eliminate or reduce the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can make many patients more comfortable at home.

9. Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

Static is annoying, but Himalayan salt lamps can prevent this from ever happening again. As the air changes with a salt lamp in the room, the electricity decreases as well, making static non-present.

10. Environmentally-Friendly Light Source

Himalayan salt lamps use economic bulbs that emit less energy but still get you maximum benefits. Therefore, you can use this low-light item as the perfect way to stay healthy and save at the same time!