10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Beetroot Juice

The extracted juice of beetroot has essential nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins that will do a significant work for your body. Also, it has an insignificant amount of calories, which makes it perfect for any kind of a diet.

The beetroot juice can improve the treatment at cancer patients by improving the efficiency of the medications.

By taking beetroot juice on daily basis, you can experience weight loss, improved blood pressure, enhanced heart work, regular cholesterol and protection of diabetes.

In one cup of beetroot, you will get 59 calories, 7 percent of magnesium, 6 percent iron, 11 percent vitamin C, 12 percent of potassium and 5 percent of vitamin B6. Also, it is quite rich in phosphorus, carbs, sugar, folate, calcium, zinc, protein, and vitamin A and K.

Here are 10 benefits of consuming beetroot juice on daily basis.

1. Improves the treatment against cancer

As we mentioned, the beetroot juice will improve the work of the drugs that the cancer patients consume.

It is really effective when treating cancer cells located on the pancreas, prostate, and breast. It has powerful antioxidant properties which will boost your overall health.

2. Will regulate your blood pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure are always in need of pills that will definitely help them. However, do you believe that these pills are healthy and natural?

It is better to rely on something that we can gather from mother nature, and the beetroot juice is here for us. It is rich in nitrates and will definitely lower your blood pressure or simply keep it on a healthy level.

3. Boosts athletic and sport performance

Whether you do bodybuilding, cycling, jogging, or you play a sport, the beetroot juice will definitely improve your performance by boosting your energy levels.

It can decrease the resting systolic blood pressure and oxygen consumption while running. If you are persistent and drink the beetroot juice for 6 days, you will reduce the pulmonary oxygen uptake during your exercise routine.

4. Improves the process of weight loss

If you are struggling to lose a couple of pounds, this juice will truly help you. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will help you lose weight.

5. Boosts your heart functions

Because of the nitrates found in the beetroot juice, your heart will become more powerful and resistant to numerous kinds of conditions.

6. Improves your skin’s health

Another amazing benefit from the beetroot juice is getting a stellar and soft skin. It doesn’t matter if you consume it or you apply it directly on your skin, you will still benefit. It is all due to the antioxidant properties that will maintain the healthiness of your skin.

7. Can improve sexual performance at males

If you are struggling with libido levels, or you have issues with accomplishing erection, you can treat this condition with beetroot juice.

If not, the juice will simply improve your sex life by boosting your performance. It is considered to be an aphrodisiac which will improve the activity of the sex hormones.

8. Can protect you from diabetes

By drinking beetroot juice on daily basis, your body will be able to maintain healthy glucose levels. This is because of the nutrients found in the beetroot, such as betalains, dietary nitrates, and polyphenols.

This will reduce the postprandial insulin concentration in healthy, non-diabetic individuals.

9. Keeps a healthy level of cholesterol

There was a study committed on rats with cholesterol, where they ingested beetroot juice for 70 days straight. It showed that their bad cholesterol levels are dropping, and their good cholesterol is raising.

10. Helpful with pregnancy

Because of the essential nutrients such as folate, minerals, and vitamins, the beetroot juice is quite powerful at pregnant women. It can improve the process of growth of the fetus.

Last but not least, if you don’t like the taste of beetroot juice, you can always flavor it with lemon, ginger or even apple. It will provide sweetness and will improve the amounts of healthy nutrients even more.