11 Remedies For Sciatic Pain You Desperately Need To Try Before Popping Another Painkiller

Sciatica is a painful condition that is stationed in the lower back, thighs and lower leg. The sciatic nerve is located in the lower part of the spine and goes down through the back part of the leg. If this nerve gets injured, it can result in sciatica.

Other symptoms for sciatica are numbness in the legs, lack of strength, or a tingling sensation in the back part of the legs.

The pain is described as intolerable, and many people start medical therapy with painkillers or other medications.

The problem here is that these painkillers can actually be harmful and they only provide temporary relief. Even a surgery might not fix the problem completely, which means that you need to find another way to control the symptoms.

We offer 11 remedies that should help you and decrease the painful feeling in the lower back parts of your body.

1. Substitute gym workouts with other physical activities

Gym workout is a strenuous training and it can inflame the sciatic nerve even more. This is because the gym equipment restricts your body from moving because the exercise requires to stay still in that one position.

You can try physical activities such as swimming, jogging and walking.

2. Stretch

If you suffer from sciatica, you need to stretch your body every day for at least 3 times, especially your lower back and legs. This can provide relief or can decrease the level of the pain.

There are tons of exercises that will definitely help you, it is important that you are persistent in order to accomplish successful results.

3. Do Yoga

Yoga is getting more and more famous throughout the world and this is because the population is finally understanding what yoga can do for your body.

It will improve your flexibility, strength and limit the symptoms of sciatica. Try poses such as the tiger pose, eagle pose, cat stretch pose, bow pose, or shoulder pose.

4. Try a natural pain reliever

Instead of popping painkillers, you can try natural remedies such as the Devil’s Claw. It can bring relief because of the iridoid glycosides that have anti-inflammatory properties. Also, you can try turmeric milk or ginger tea.

5. Get a long and deep massage

Find a professional who will find the path of the sciatic nerve and see him regularly until you the issue is resolved. If you can’t afford a masseur at the moment, have your partner do a light massage, it can help you relax and fall asleep easily.

6. Have an acupuncture session

Acupuncture is quite famous for treating sciatica and this is due to the fact that it can stimulate the tissues in your body and release serotonin and endorphins which will signal the nerve to bring immediate change.

7. Do an acupressure session

There are professionals who know the right spots in your body that can be pressured. By putting pressure on these spots, you can experience pain relief.

8. Try Rolfing

Known as Structural Integration and it is invented by Ida P. Rolf, is quite helpful for manipulating the connective tissue layer called fascia. The majority of people who tried this remedy claimed that it helped them significantly.

9. Apply hot and cold compresses

If you alternate between cold and hot compresses you can decrease the level of the pain and bring relaxation to your muscles.

If you have a sciatic episode, use a cold compress for around 20 minutes and repeat the same after 30 minutes. If the symptoms continue, alternate between hot and cold compresses.

10. Wear abdominal support

Lumbosacral belts are used for the extra support of the lower back part and can be helpful for people who suffer from sciatica. Make sure to wear it when lifting weights, especially if you are bending.

11. Buy a soft mattress and chair

It is important that the places where you rest are comfortable. You need to have the right posture when sitting down or sleeping in order to avoid further issues.

Spend some money and get a really soft and firm mattress, and a good chair. This will definitely help you because you probably spend more than 10 hours on that chair and mattress.