11:11 – Is it Happening to You?

Have you ever wondered why you are repeatedly seeing the same numbers all around you? You keep noticing the same numbers on street signs, on the mobile screen, on the clock, and various other places.

Apparently, this phenomenon is believed to be a sign of powerful spiritual messages from our Guardian angels, spirit guides, or higher selves.

Even though you are initially convinced that it is a simple coincidence, over time, you get the feeling that it is actually a massive shift in consciousness and awareness.

Doreen Virtue, a popular angel therapist and psychic medium between the spirit world and human world, claims that this phenomenon, especially if the numbers you see are 11:11, you are closely related to yourself and your spirit guides.

Moreover, the more you see the 1’s in life, the stronger the connection.

He even maintains that as the world is currently in a disarray, so people who experience this phenomenon are on their journey to become Lightworkers or healers for the planet, that will eventually restore the balance and harmony in the world.

The Mayan Calendar predicted the start of the New Age on December 21, 2012, at 11:11, which is thought to be a literal shift in consciousness from the Dark Age to the Golden Age.

Numerous spiritual leaders regard 11:11 as a group of the ascended masters who have come back to Earth to heal us.

Moreover, 11:11 add up to 4, the number for transformation and the dissolving of the ego.

The numerology sees the number 11 as a symbol of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition, and idealism.

Moreover, there are even claims that this number can also be viewed as a glitch in the matrix, and represents a real method for the spiritual world to communicate to us.

Yet, what you need to remember is to know that it is a positive sign of the Universe, God, your higher self, soul, or another source, whatever you believe it to be, whenever you see ‘11:11’ on a clock, a license plate, the bank statement or elsewhere.

At that very moment, try to be fully aware and feel the balance regained.

Therefore, every time you notice numbers repeat, specifically 11:11, you should feel protected and on the right path in life.

Remain positive and focus on achieving your goals, in order to reclaim our internal power and create unity and harmony on the planet.

We are all members of one large family, and these healing powerful can strengthen our link and heal the entire society.