14 Genius Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

You can never say “No” to coffee, it is tasteful, satisfying and healthy. We are used to taking a cup of coffee in the morning, and there is no better way to start the day!

However, did you know that you can recycle the coffee grounds? By doing so, you will feel even more satisfied, knowing that you’ve done something good.

Follow these instructions and try to commit yourself into doing them every day. Coffee grounds can be used as:

1. Pest Repellent

If you have a garden and you have problems maintaining it, try sprinkling coffee grounds around your plants. This will guard them against garden pests such as ants, slugs and snails.

2. Garden Fertilizer

Coffee is a good fertilizer for plants, especially for camellias, roses, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and azaleas. You can mix it with brown leaves, dead grass clippings or dry straw in order to neutralize the acidity.

You can even add lime or wood in order to provide calcium phosphorus for your plants because you can’t get it from coffee grounds.

3. Compost It for Later

Because coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, they are a great “green” matter. You can attract beneficial worms if you save your coffee grounds in the compost heap.

4. Caffeine for… Carrots?

You can add coffee grounds when planting carrots in order to give them more energy, improved growth, and enhanced production.

Before planting the seeds, combine them with coffee grounds and you should see the difference between natural and fertilized carrots.

5. Absorb Food Odors

Simply take a container and fill it up with coffee grounds and put it in the middle of your fridge, all the way back. This should absorb the odor that comes from the variety of food that you have in your fridge.

6. Natural Abrasive

If you have trouble cleaning your dishes, kitchen tables or anything that has food marks on it, you can put used coffee grounds onto a cloth and scrub the surface.

7. Beautiful Golden Dye

You can turn any stained shirt into art by taking wet coffee grounds and dye whatever you want, starting from feathers to cloth to Easter eggs.

8. Homemade Candles

Everyone loves the scent of coffee, and it is a great way to relax. If you want to feel the smell of coffee at any time of the day, you can make a candle.

Take a paper towel, a cup of wax candle ends, scissors, paper coffee cup, a wick, glass mixing bowl, a saucepan for the meltdown of wax, and last by not least, coffee grounds.

9. Fireplace cleaner

Old coffee grounds can help you clean your fireplace. When cleaning a fireplace, you usually suffer from the smoke coming out of the ashes.

Take a handful of coffee grounds and put them on top of the ashes in order to weight them down.

10. Body Scrub

Mix several old coffee grounds with warm water or with a natural oil. We recommend using coconut oil because it works best when mixed with coffee grounds.

After making this mixture, simply scrub your whole body and you will see how you are slowly getting rid of dead skin cells.

11. Rejuvenating Facial

If you can use the coffee grounds for the makings of the body scrub, you can make a facial. Combine two tablespoons of old coffee grounds and organic cocoa powder with three tablespoons of heavy cream or whole milk.

Lastly, add one tablespoon of honey and you will get a facial cream that has strong antioxidant properties.

12. Caffeinated Soap

You can get the benefits of coffee through your skin. Making a soap with coffee grounds will improve the health of your skin. Make your research and find a recipe that will help you make this powerful soap.

13. Hair Conditioner

Using a natural hair product can really improve the health of your skin, and for this, you can once again use coffee grounds.

You don’t have to mix anything, but simply, scrub your head with a handful of coffee grounds before washing it with a shampoo.

14. Cellulite Treatment

Coffee grounds can really help you lose that annoying cellulite. There are tons of recipes that should help you make this, but you can simply mix coffee grounds with warm water and scrub your body for at least ten minutes.

Do this therapy 2 times every week and you will see how your cellulite is slowly fading away.