3 Ways To Handle Disturbingly Negative Thoughts

Sometimes it’s really hard to sit all by yourself. It’s hard to avoid all the negative thoughts, right? Being all by yourself means being “exposed.”

Positive thinking keeps you healthy. And alive. It’s all in your head. You decide what happens with your life.

Negativity comes on the big door and strikes when you least expect it. You may be enjoying your lunch with a friend. You may be in a meeting. And then it strikes. All these negative thoughts hit you really hard.

You get some really crazy ideas like shouting at your boss or complaining how awful your friend is. What did just happen?

We give you three simple ways to handle dark and negative thoughts:

1. Impulsive and critical negativity is normal. It just happens.

Most of you wouldn’t classify these thoughts as “socially acceptable.” However, some of you have the courage to talk about all the things that happen in their heads.

Society forces you to be well-adjusted and successful. You are told to accept your responsibilities. You are told to be normal. What does that mean? Well, even the most “normal” people can switch on their crazy mood.

Going through a sudden surge of negative thoughts is normal. Every time you feel like saying or doing something you will regret later, say a little prayer, and apologize to yourself for your violent/negative thoughts.

There’s nothing wrong with having these thoughts once in a while. It’s really important that you learn how to control them.

2. Thoughts are nothing but thoughts

Neurotransmitters “produce” thoughts all the time. Your brain processes large amounts of data, and some of this data rises up, and we give it “conscious consideration and meaning.”

Why do we stick to negative thinking instead of accepting our positive thoughts? Negative attachments are linked to our inner angst. They are powerful and strong.

Thoughts are just thoughts. You can’t classify them as good or bad. It’s all about the way you perceive them. Stop taking your thoughts so seriously.

3. There’s always a solution

You can’t expect magic. You can’t just wipe up everything in your mind. It’s time to realize that you are just a human being. You are imperfect and vulnerable. That’s what makes you a good person.

Fighting all the time won’t take you anywhere. Address the deeper issues you have in your life. In this way, you will reach a higher state of mind. Open your eyes and deal with your problems.

Go deeper in your childhood. What was the first thing that gave you negative thoughts? What made you struggle in your adolescence?

Address the deeper issue beneath your bad thoughts?

Identify your problem. There has to be something underneath your negativity. Identify your problem and solve it. That’s how you will get rid of your negative thoughts.