30 Ways to Increase Your Overall Happiness

Happiness is a personal state of mind. Depending on our current lifestyle, happiness can vary on various factors.

How does one find happiness? Believe it or not, happiness is connected to the smallest things.

Here are thirty tips to help you rediscover your happiness and become that same old lively person once more.

1. Appreciate all good things

Make sure to count your blessings daily and be appreciative of what you have and other maybe don’t.

2. Learn to Love

Love truly is the answer. If you learn to open your heart to things important to you, you will be able to reach happiness faster. Find something worth loving and let go.

3. Money does not buy happiness

Money may be the leading force for living a richer and more extravagant life, but does not buy happiness at all.

While monetary funds are a safety blanket for many, feeling happy comes from the inside. Learn to value things differently and reorder your priorities.

4. Be productive

The more things you cross off your to-do list, the better you will feel about yourself. Happiness is having a sane piece of mind, and it all starts from you. Be productive, be open-minded and be hardworking- happiness will follow as a result.

5. Be creative

Let your talents go wild for a while and start drawing, writing, creating anything that makes you feel fulfilled. Happiness is expressing yourself properly and if you do what you love, it will be imminent.

6. Be forgiving

Holding a grudge never led anyone anywhere. Instead of being resentful and angry, try to let go and let bygones be bygones.

7. Stay true to yourself

Being someone else never did anyone any favors, so keep to what makes you amazingly unique. You possess values that no one else has and this is something worthy of a praise, instead of self-criticism.

8. Be around happy people

Keeping a good company can be revolutionary for your happiness. Allow yourself to be in a good mood at all times, and start with the people around you.

9. Find a job you love

When you do what you want, the sense of accomplishment is bigger and your happiness will be imminent.

10. Self-affirmations

Convincing your mind to be happy can be a great trick to leading yourself into a happy state. If you surround yourself with positivity, happiness will follow almost instantly.

11. Accept things as they come

Life will happen one way or the other, but pushing through the hardships can leave a sense of victory and will show you that happiness is closer than you might think.

12. Appreciate other people’s achievements

Do not compare yourself to others and allow your actions speak for yourself. Be happy for someone else’s success and you will start feeling better about yourself almost immediately.

13. Think positively

Introducing negativity into your lifestyle will bring nothing but problems. Instead try to find a silver lining and to assure yourself that everything will be fine in the end.

14. Keep progressing

Work on yourself and keep an intimate relationship with your inner soul. Learn, laugh, love, and happiness will follow.

15. Face your problems

Know that life has its ups and downs and instead of avoiding your issues, keep in mind that this shall, too, pass.

16. Eat healthy

Understand that feeling good begins from within you, and one of the main things to pay attention to is your diet. Incorporate greens, fruits and nuts in your everyday life and you will start feeling better in no time.

17. Work out

Training helps release endorphins, which automatically means more happiness. Get your body moving and see how your life transforms in front of your very eyes.

18. Fun away

Life happens, but having fun can help you overcome some seemingly serious changes.

19. Seize the moment

Once you spot a moment worth experiencing, do not shy away from giving it a try. Be daring, be courageous and enjoy life as it comes. There is a certain beauty in letting go and letting the universe take care of you for a while.

20. Help and give

Being there for others even if you do not have to help, can make you feel good about yourself, and happier knowing you were able to offer a helping hand.

21. Less worries

Worrying never got anyone anywhere. Therefore, keep in mind that instead of worrying, you need to start working on the problem. Finally, things will always resolve themselves.

“10% of life is what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it” — Charles R Swindoll

22. The power of music

Music can be an extraordinary technique to relieve stress and tension, so surrender yourself to your favorite runes and let your mind recharge.

23. No TV

TV creates an unhealthy idea of how life has to be led or experienced. Instead of being addicted to what your life ought to look like, keep in mind that you are the creator of your own happiness.

24. Smile

A smile goes a long way and the more positivity you include in your life, the happier you will feel. Trust us, it works!

25. Spread positive vibes

When you feel good it is easy to infect everyone with your happiness and feel fulfilled. Get more people smiling and relaxed, and you will witness extraordinary results.

26. Work Hard

The more you accomplish, the happier you will feel about yourself. Get things done and be efficient. This will give you a sense of completion and satisfaction, unlike anything you have known so far.

27. Make life simpler

Never think too much about what is happening, but rather accept it and learn to deal with it. Life is pretty simple and you can teach yourself to enjoy it.

28. Sleep regularly

A minimum of seven hours of sleep per night will improve your memory, mood and overall performance. The trick is simple and now it is time to carry it out.

29. Hobbies are key

Doing something that makes you feel good is always a path that leads to happiness. Choose a fun activity or something entertaining to get your mind off all the wrong things and happiness will follow.

30. Emotion control

Although it is alright to feel overly emotional, know that keeping a sane balance can make you less sensitive to everything that is out of your power.

Source: checkthesethings.com