5 Ways to Effectively Deal With Criticism

Life is all about embracing yourself and following your desires and passions! Not everyone will understand you and your journey, but that’s fine. It’s your journey, so the others and their opinions don’t matter.

If you listen to what others say (their criticism and judgment), you’ll end up unhappy. Constant unhappiness leads to depression.

Don’t let others limit your potential. You know what is the best for you not others, so don’t let them control your journey.

Keep in mind that people who are full with criticism are the ones with limited perspective, fears and worries. The statements they’re making show how they feel about themselves, not about you.

Don’t take it personal or start an argument. These 5 steps will help you deal with criticism. Check them out!

5 Ways to Effectively Deal With Criticism

1. Take a deep breath (or a few)

Don’t react right in the moment. Just take a deep breath (or a few) – take the time you need. When we feel someone is attacking us, we immediately go into a fight mode.

By breathing deeply, we allow oxygen to flow. This lowers our heart rate and makes us be more reasonable and calm.

By reacting immediately, you bring unnecessary stress to your body. Keep in mind that they are not in your skin. You’re doing everything fine.

Thank them for their opinion and then give yourself enough time to consider everything and think about it.

If they’re trying to insult you, just leave the conversation. It’s better to stay away than regret for something you say/do.

2. Don’t take it personal

When someone is trying to offend you, don’t take it personal. This is not saying something about your personality but rather about their perspective of the world.

This shows that they feel that way about themselves or their skills. Usually, they’re expressing the way they feel. Don’t let their words hurt you. If you do not like what you are hearing, just let it go.

3. Look for the truth

There is always some truth in every word. When we’re hearing some statements that may feel like criticism, keep in mind that they are gentle, loving reminders.

For that reason, our ego freaks out, so we take a strong offense towards it. It may seem strange, but that is the truth.  Let yourself be open-minded.

This doesn’t indicate that you’re supposed to believe these statements or act upon them. Let yourself learn something from everything you hear.

In some cases, other people help us see something that we’re not able and this can help us improve and grow.

4. When the going gets tough, get tougher

It’s quite easy to be a critic, so most people are. But, this does not mean that you should be. Try to build a tolerance to criticism. Show your courage and strength and live your life the best way possible.

You’ll meet critics your whole life, so you’ve got to get tough. One thing is for sure! The less attention you give to criticism-the less you’ll deal with it.

Focus on your confidence and inner love every time you experience some criticism. Trust me, you’ll be unstoppable and nothing can hurt you!

5. Always be true to yourself

Undoubtedly, this is the most important thing for you! Always be true to yourself. You don’t have to explain your journey to others or expect them to accept it.

Once you become true to yourself, your life changes. You’ll get opportunities at every corner. There’ll be endless solutions for you and then your life becomes fun.

Don’t limit yourself! Don’t let the others control your life! You’re free, you have a free will to do everything like you want-It’s your life!