6 Morning Habits For Positive Energy All Day

Begin each morning with a little replay of all your blessings. Be thankful for being alive, healthy, happy sheltered and fed.

Know there are people who would give everything to have one of your bad days and be thankful for the universe to take such good care of you.

What you do each morning will determine the remaining course of your day, so make sure to make the most of your mornings.

Now, achieving a sense of control in the morning can be done through several different tactics. Today we are looking at the top six techniques that will make you start your day right:

1. No phones in the morning

Instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, take the time to ease yourself into the day. Write about your dreams, take your morning coffee in peace and enjoy life as it is.

Keeping written tracks of your thoughts, goals and feelings can help you determine how your day will go on, and will help you remain balanced, instead of overwhelmed. Trust us, the phone can wait.

2. Meditation

Connecting you’re your inner soul is more favorable to the body than anything else. According to studies, meditation is the way towards a piece of mind, relaxation and collectiveness.

Do not assume meditation needs to be as long as you see it on TV. Actually, all you need is around 10 minutes to enjoy the silence and figure out the rest of your day.

If you learn to make this a continuous practice, you will learn the benefits of it soon enough.

3. Visualize your day

Imagine what you would expect the day ahead to go like. This means you have every power to run the course of your day mentally and then work for it practically.

Oftentimes, things do get out of our control, but having realized the larger portions of your day should be satisfactory enough. Planning your day creatively will keep you organized and in check with yourself.

4. Warm beverage

Whether you go for tea or another power drink, it is good to change your coffee ritual and indulge into something more comforting.

Just a glass of lemon water or a tea can make your metabolism work faster, perform better, leaving you feeling energized and happy.

5. Sleeping

To many, getting up early and starting the day just right can cause problems. However, by teaching your body to respond to your clock and start the day of early may be the best thing you can do.

Also, be mindful of how you sleep during the night. Find a comfortable position (to the side or on the back) and try to keep the posture throughout the night.

In the morning, you will feel refreshed, relaxed and energized to start your day right. Also, keep in mind that getting out of bed slowly and properly can prevent any injuries or vertigos you might otherwise experience.

6. Breakfast first

There are no words to properly explain how crucial breakfast is. From speeding up your metabolism, to keeping the body full and fueled for the day ahead, breakfast is simply irreplaceable.

Make sure you decide on a healthy dish, full of protein, healthy fats and veggies or fruit.

Get ready to shine and start your day by having a rich breakfast. The same goes for liquids, so make sure you stay hydrated from very early on in the day.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com