6 Reasons You Should Place Zeolite Rocks Around Your Home

Zeolite are rocks which cleanse, deodorize, and absorb moisture, and while the place of most rocks is outside your home, these are ones which can be put anywhere in your home and you won’t regret it.

The market is overflowing with commercial deodorizers, who actually do no cleansing but rather it gets mixed with the odor and the result may be a combination of utter disgust.

Zeolite rocks are a natural means to clean and freshen up the air in your home, and the best part is that zeolite rocks are reusable so they cannot be exhausted.

Zeolite rocks are made of such components like oxygen, aluminum, silicon, and alkali metals and they are formed in places where volcanic rocks and ash mix with alkaline groundwater.

Zeolite has small holes where smaller minerals pass through while absorbing the bigger molecules. The rock is also manufactured for industrial uses to purify water, and manage radioactive waste.

The size of the holes in naturally created zeolite can vary between each one.

  • Pet Smells

The next time your pet(s) make a mess at home, and you find yourself pondering what you should do about the nasty odor our pets can frequently bring in our homes, do not rush to use air fresheners or fragrance candles as zeolite rocks are much better.

Just put an open plate of zeolite rocks near the source of the odor, or anywhere in the room for that matter, and it will absorb and get rid of the unpleasant smell.

  • Trash Can Foulness

Smelly trashcans are a frequent occurrence, and if you wait for it to fill up before you throw it out, chances are that you’ll be dealing with a nauseating stench.

Just put several zeolite at the bottom of the bin before you put a plastic bag and this will help a great deal the next time your garbage bin fills up.

  • Lingering Cigarette Stink

All smokers know that the smell of cigarettes is one that stays with you for a long time as it is firmly lodged in your upholstery and carpet.

To get rid of the persistent odor of cigarettes put a bowl or mesh bag of zeolite in the room and the strong smell will eventually be dispelled.

  • Musty Odors

Remember that unpleasantly damp smell your attic or basement full of forgotten old stuff exudes when you visit it after god knows how many years?

While this potent smell is difficult to get rid of completely, zeolite rocks will help a great deal in neutralizing it by absorbing a lot of moisture in the air. The rocks will also be quite useful in musty-smelling cupboards and closets.

  • Shoe Stench

Stinky shoes aren’t that uncommon, but there’s a clear limit to when the odor is bearable and once that limit is crossed, measures need to be taken.

Put zeolite around your shoe basket or in your mud room, or put several rocks in a small mash bag and place the bag in your shoes. This will ultimately reduce moisture, effectively chasing away the unpleasant smell.

  • Long Lasting Fruit

Mix a handful of zeolite in with your fruit if you see that it goes off faster than you can eat it. The rocks will diminish some of the gasses that accelerate the fruit’s ripening and its consequent rotting and keep your fruit fresh and tasty for much longer.

Although zeolite is completely natural, you might want to wash up your fruit before eating it to clean it of any dust or residue.