7 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Your Blood Type!

Even though human blood contains the same basic elements, it is classified into four categories, due to the different antigens, which are the immune defense systems, on the surface of the red blood cells.

Numerous researchers have found various patterns of personal health, as revealed by the blood type.

Scientists believe that a blood type can reveal patterns of personal health, and can help one prevent different diseases.

Therefore, knowing your blood type is really important, as it has much more implications that you have imagined.

Here are some interesting facts linked to the type of blood running through your veins:

1. It affects your personality

The Asian medicine has used this fact for centuries. Namely, people with Type A blood are unselfish, kind, compassionate individuals, and the Type B blood individuals are friendly, flexible, and outgoing.

On the other hand, Type AB individuals are strong and rational, and the ones with Type O blood are organized and very practical.

2. It affects your nutritional needs

The blood types indicate the diet you should follow. While people with Type O blood should focus on fish, vegetables, lean meat, and poultry, the ones with  Type A blood should eat lots of citrus fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, individuals with Type B blood should avoid alcohol, vegetable oils, and trans fats, and  Type AB individuals should regularly consume manuka honey or apple cider vinegar to help their digestion and elevate the stomach acid levels.

3. A blood type also affects your pool of ideal mates

Being additionally divided into Rh negative or Rh positive, the blood type can also affect the compatibility of couples.

A couple of two Rh positive people faces no problems, while in the case of an Rh woman and an Rh man, the baby is exposed to potential risks.

4. The blood type affects fertility

Scientists have found that women with Type O blood are the least fertile, as they have few eggs and they face difficulties to maintain fertility.

5. It affects belly fat

People with Type A blood type cannot easily lose belly fat as it can lead to bad reactions to specific foods, bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, and a higher risk for diabetes.

6. Knowing your blood type can save your life

Since transfusion with a blood type different than yours can cause serious complications and health risks, so it is important to know your blood type and be prepared for all kinds of situations in life.

7. It affects stress levels

The release of cortisol in people with Type A blood is higher than average, while the ones with Type O blood tend to show the most outbursts of anger.

Here are several more interesting facts about blood and blood types:

--    Individuals with Type AB blood have an increased risk of developing memory issues and dementia

--    People with any blood Type despite type O have a 60-80% increased risk of developing blood clots and coronary heart disease.

--    People with Type O blood have a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer

--    People with Type O blood have an increased risk of being bitten by mosquitoes, while the ones with type A blood are the least attractive to these insects

--    More than four and a half million lives are saved by blood transfusions annually

--    50 percent of the population in the United States is eligible to donate blood, but only 5 percent actually do.

--    Any person in a good health, older than 17 and at least 110 pounds, can donate blood every two months.

--    Animals have their blood types as well, and while dogs are similar to humans and have 4 blood types, cats have 11, and cows about 800.