7 Reasons To Soak Your Feet In Epsom Salt + How To Do It

Otherwise known as magnesium sulfate, Epsom salt has long been a topic of discussion. While some don’t consider the salt beneficial to our health, studies and experts speak differently.

According to them, Epsom salt has been a potent remedy in the fight against numerous diseases and conditions. Such include joint pain, skin problems, insomnia, and anxiety.

Epson salt contains plenty of powerful compounds, such as magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. Now, let’s see what it can do.

7 Leading Benefits of Epsom Salt

1. Anti-stress treatment

Epsom salt works like a charm when stress wants to take over. In fact, due to its calming qualities, Epsom salt relaxes the muscles and nervous system, fully relieving stress in return.

2. Fungi and ingrown nails treatment

Epsom salt is a great treatment for fungal infections and ingrown nails. Unlike other treatments, Epsom salt does a thorough job and clears the infection completely.

However, Epsom salt alone will not help the issue, so make sure you are taking prescribed meds as well.

3. Exfoliation and cracked heels treatment

If you don’t keep your feet hydrated, you’re likely to experience cracked heels. If this is the case, Epsom salt can help you mend the issue.

An Epsom feet soak is able to fully help your feet recover, removing dead skin cells in return.

4. Insomnia treatment

Epsom salt counts as one of the most effective methods which promote good-quality sleep. As it is rich in magnesium, Epsom salt can encourage your brain to produce more melatonin. Prepare yourself an Epsom salt bath and get some sleep!

5. Pain treatment

If you are suffering from muscle soreness or feet aches, Epsom salt can help you relieve the pain.

Soak your feet in an Epsom salt and water mix and see how it reduces inflammation and tiredness instantly. This remedy is also good to use if you suffer from muscle cramps.

6. Unpleasant feet smell treatment

If you cannot seem to get rid of that uncomfortable feet smell, try soaking them in an Epsom salt solution. Epsom salt works its way into the feet, eliminating all bacteria which cause your feet to smell.

7. Splinter removal alleviator

Splinters can be annoying, but Epsom salt effectively helps you treat them. Soaking your feet in Epsom salt will soothe your skin, and eliminate the splinter more efficiently. The same method can be used on finger splinters as well.

The Perfect Epsom Salt Foot Soak

Ingredients and supplies:

  • A small container (to dip your feet in)
  • Hot water (enough to cover the feet)
  • ½ cup of Epsom salt.

In the container, mix hot water and Epsom salt. Let the Epsom salt absorb entirely and check if the water is too hot.

Soak your feet in the container and rest for 30-45 minutes. To boost the salt’s effects, add a few drops of essential oil to the mix.

After soaking, use a handful of Epsom salt and massage your heels with it. Pay close attention to dry and cracked areas. Rinse feet with cool water, apply lotion and put on thick socks to enable moisture.

Proceed with treatment two times a week until you see results. Don’t use daily as you may irritate the sensitive skin easily.