7 Things Great Leaders Never Say

Being a leader means that people follow your footsteps, so you better do the right thing. You don’t want people to make mistakes because of you, right?

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind,” said Rudyard Kipling.

Leaders have an important role in society, and people use their success as a motivation and inspiration.

That’s why leaders must pick their words wisely, because words are referred to as the most powerful tool one can have. Upgrade your role, and learn how to stop saying the wrong words.

We give you seven statements, and you better use these to ‘fix’ your vocabulary.

1. There are no problems, only opportunities!

Problems never end, and ignoring them is not the right way to improve your situation. Yes, we know that most leaders use this phrase to motivate individuals and boost their creativity.

However, this phrase may also indicate that you aren’t willing to pay attention to the real challenge. This makes you weak.

The solution: Listen to your team members, and make sure they are well aware of that. These people will grow strong to overcome challenges and work on the right solutions.

2. Don’t do anything without asking me first!

This only applies to beginners. This phrase will only make employees more fragile, hindering their professional growth.

Let’s not forget that you’ll look like an unproductive leader. micromanaging lowers employee morale, and keep in mind that team members are more productive when their effort matters.

Give them the opportunity to express themselves and use the resources they have.

The solution: Always clarify your expectations before every project. Check up on your team members, and givent hem a feedback on their success. Simple as that.

3. Don’t bring me any bad news!

This can’t be your shield against bad news. Moreover, employees may hide the bad news, preventing you from making the right step on time.

“Bad news isn’t wine. It doesn’t improve with age,” said Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State. In other words, you should solve the problem when it’s tiny. Don’t wait until it becomes huge and expensive.

The solution: Employees deserve a nice working environment. Encourage them to talk about problems at the very beginning.

4. It’s not personal, it’s business!

Business is based on relationships, and relationships are pretty personal. Your employees spend most of the day at work, and try not to ignore their feelings.

You will only trigger a dangerous resentment that could affect your success.

The solution: Make sure your employees are aware of your passion for your work. They should also be aware of the fact that you care about them. Don’t hesitate to show your respect. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

5. We don’t need any more ideas!

Never ever reject creative ideas, and learn how to handle the fear. Being uncertain and anxious about new things. Risks help you grow into a bigger person, and stop being afraid of negative judgement. Nothing grows without innovation and edgy ideas.

The solution: Talk about new ideas and ways of handling things. Every idea needs to be taken seriously. Every unbiased employee can help you evaluate whether this new idea is helpful for your organization.

7. I don’t want any interruptions!

Leaders are often interrupted, and that’s absolutely fine. Remember that keeping your door closed all the time gives an impression that you’re too busy to observe things that happen in your company.

The solution: Always listen to people who have to say something to you. If you really have to work and don’t have time to listen to your employees, just say this, “I really want to be able to listen to this because it’s an important topic.

Please come back in an hour so I can give it my complete attention.” Int this way you will stay in touch with everything and finish every task.

7. Failure isn’t an option!

This is a common phrase in the speech of anxious leaders who hide their fears. Playing safe is fine in some occasions, but this also stops you from competing in the market.

Learn from every failure, and transform it into something bigger.

The solution: Mistakes aren’t deadly, and make sure your employees are aware of this. Learn how to recognize mistakes on time, and work on the solution as soon as possible. Rejecting a risky idea is the biggest failure of them all.