9 Comebacks for Dealing with Rude People

Rude people are everywhere and that’s a given. However, rude people’s purpose in life may be to succeed in annoying you. And while some of us would surely fall under the pressure of snapping right back, others would choose a wiser, yet equally effective tactic.

Standing your ground is always important, especially if you feel abused or unfairly treated by others. But, doing it in a classy and rational way is what will make you triumph in any situation.

Below is a list of 9 effective and polite comebacks that will keep no-boundary people away.

1. Thank you

Isn’t it fascinating how two simple words can have such drastic impact on a person? In terms of response, whenever you feel like being pushed or cornered, ‘thank you’ can acknowledge the other party’s remarks, but will not indulge them.

Therefore, you gave your gratitude and you still get to have your way.

2. I appreciate your point of view

While validating someone’s opinion and arguments regarding a situation, you don’t necessarily have to be agreeable, too.

Because of that, “I appreciate your point of view’ will help you get rid of an rude person efficiently and in a classy way. It’s a win-win.

3. The conversation is now over

As strict as it may sound, ‘The conversation is now over’ is allowed whenever you don’t feel like elaborating any further.

This especially counts if you are dealing with both an insensitive and rude person, and it will help you show character as well.

4. Why was this necessary, and do you expect me to answer that?

This is most effective in group hangouts and will get you immediate effects. This phrase keeps someone aware of their mistake and gives them the chance to correct themselves.

And even if all fails, you can still go with the good old ‘Well, it looks like this isn’t your lucky day,’ and put an end to the issue.

5. That almost hurt

It may be taken in a cynical manner, that is true, but this comeback puts the rude person in his or her place. At the same time, it shows that regardless of their rudeness, you cannot be bothered and offended by their remarks.

6. I know, you’re right

And, there you have it, a phrase that puts both parties in a winning position. You are not entitled to all the pleasure, but at the same time, you got one more rude person taken off your back.

7. You always have a negative comment, don’t you?

Well, this phrase is kind of straightforward, but immediately puts the culprit on the spot. Now, they’ll have to think about their wrongfulness and mend the issue, of course.

8. I love myself and I love you as well

This comeback is more personal and would refer to family and friends. It basically means that even though you think differently than those closest to you, you still respect their opinion and love them.

9. Laugh

If you cannot join them, smile at them. Laughter confuses people and especially rude people who want to see you upset. Enjoy a nice laugh and let the impolite person wonder what the heck is going through your mind.

Featured Image Source: Power of Positivity