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7 Ways to Deal with Toxic Attitudes

Oh, attitudes! Nowadays, it seems that people are about their attitudes- the negative ones in particular!
If you are a person who finds it challenging (and we all do) to find a solution to a person’s moodiness or tenacity, we are …

Psychologists Explain How to Stay Calm In An Argument

Emotional ripeness has been a long debated topic among experts. Interestingly enough, many experts and psychologists agree that keeping your mental health optimal is highly important for resolving conflicts, working under pressure and staying calm in challenging situations.
Arguments are part …

11:11 – Is it Happening to You?

Have you ever wondered why you are repeatedly seeing the same numbers all around you? You keep noticing the same numbers on street signs, on the mobile screen, on the clock, and various other places.
Apparently, this phenomenon is believed to …