Doctors Have Finally Ruled Menstrual Cramps As Painful As Heart Attacks

Doctors have finally realized that menstrual pain can be really strong and intense. According to a doctor, this type of pain can be worse than a heart attack. However, things are more complicated that you could ever imagine.

Gynecologist Jen Gunter believes that menstrual pain is actually worse than a heart attack. She also notes that these two pains are different in so many levels, and shouldn’t be compared.

The doctor gives her full opinion on the blog, noting that heart attacks not always cause pain.

“If you are waiting for terrible, excruciating chest pain to tell you that you are having a heart attack, well, you are going to miss the heart attack.

Heart attacks often produce vague symptoms or mild pain, that is why many people ignore them. Many people think they are having indigestion.

In addition, more than 40% of women have no pain with heart attacks. It would be dangerous for women to think that a heart attack should be at least as bad as their menstrual cramps,” Dr Gunter wrote in her blog post.

The national health service confirms this theory, using a research which found that some sufferers don’t feel any pain during their heart attack. Unlike men, women are also less likely to feel pain.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that pain never comes. The symptoms exist. Dr Gunter explains that the reason for this misunderstanding is the fact that internal pain is a rather complex thing.

Your painful period is also called a primary dysmenorrhea. It occurs in 50% of all women. It’s a condition in which the uterus releases prostaglandins, a group of lipids, during periods.

These cause painful contractions and increase the intensity of your pain. Over 60% of all women deal with dizziness, diarrhea, and vomiting.

“So if you need an analogy to describe period pain use labor or cutting your finger off without an anesthetic.

A heart attack is often not painful or only mildly painful, especially for women, so for me that analogy just doesn’t cut it,” the doctor added.