Going to Concerts Helps You Live Longer, Study Says

You surely are aware of the fact that music therapy is very beneficial for treating problems like depression and anxiety. Well, that is not all! Music therapy has a long list of other benefits as well.

To be more specific, attending a live music gig just once every 2 weeks, can add up to 9 years to your life.

Going to Concerts & Living Longer? The Possible Links

According to a study, being at a concert for 20 minutes can increase your feeling of wellbeing by 21%.

The same study examined the effects of other wellness activities such as dog walking and yoga, but neither of them provided the same effects as singing aloud and grooving to a live band.

Live music can improve your happiness on many levels:

  • A 25% increase in feelings of self-worth
  • A 75% increase in mental stimulation
  • Another 25% jump in feeling close to others jumped

People who are regularly attending gigs have the highest levels of happiness, productivity, self-esteem, and contentment.

8 Other Ways Music Improves Your Health

1. Music reduces stress

Music acts as a therapeutic tool for those having trauma and PTSD symptoms.

2. Music gets your creativity going

Whenever you have lack of inspiration, just put your headphones on. Make sure the music’s upbeat.

According to a study, listening to happy music while working can increase your creativity, unlike working or brainstorming in silence.

3. Music helps ease depression

A study that involved 251 children (ages 8-16) found out that music therapy can improve self-esteem and reduce depression symptoms.

4. Music improves sleep

It has been scientifically shown that students that listened to classical music managed to improve their sleep quality compared to those that listened to an audiobook or nothing at all.

5. Music minimizes pain and anxiety when you’re under the knife

Various studies showed that playing music can reduce anxiety and pain for adult patients in surgery.

6. Music eases road rage

If you are feeling nervous while driving, listen to music! This can improve your mood and impact your driving behavior.

7. Music improves memory recall

Music is very beneficial if you are learning another language.

According to a study that involved adults learning Hungarian, the participants who sang the phrases they were learning remembered them with much higher accuracy compared to the participants who spoke the same phrases.

8. Music makes you run faster

A study that involved male long-distance runners showed that listening to music during a 5-km run can improve their running performance and make them run faster.

What to Do If You Can’t Get to a Concert

If you can’t get to a concert that often, there are other ways to introduce more music into your daily life:

  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Play your favorite albums from your teenage days
  • Crank out tunes with headphones while at work
  • Go to bars and restaurants with live music
  • Watch live performances of your favorite bands on YouTube
  • Jam out in the car
  • Listen music while making dinner
  • Make a playlist on a streaming platform like Spotify

Final Thoughts on Going to Concerts & Living Longer

  • A 2018 study showed that going to a live music gig once every 2 weeks can add up to 9 years to your life
  • Concerts and live music shows can increase your feeling of closeness to others, self-worth and mental stimulation
  • Attending a concert for just 20 minutes can increase your sense of wellbeing by 21%
  • Music can lower your risk of depression, road rage, PTSD symptoms and improve sleep and quality.