Grandparents Who Babysit Are Less Likely To Develop Dementia And Alzheimer’s

You were having second thoughts to send your kids to visit grandma this weekend? Well, no more!

After this article, you will definitely change your mind. We know it is a blessing for our parents to have the chance to take care of their grandchildren.

Besides having a great time together, babysitting the kids is very beneficial for the grandparents.

Here’s why!

According to a research published in the journal of the North American Menopause Society, grandmothers who babysat once a week managed to score better results on cognitive tests compared to those who didn’t babysit.

However, keep in mind moderation is the key. The same study showed that grandparents who babysat five or even more days a week managed to score lower on the cognitive tests.

Additionally, it has been shown that social interaction is an extremely important component to a healthy lifestyle for seniors.

NIA – The National Institute on Aging claims that social interaction and health are closely related to the well-being of the older adults. NIA continues that watching grandchildren is of significant help for seniors to remain active and healthy.

So, don’t wait! Let your parents take care of your child and remember both sides benefit!