He Refused Chemotherapy, Lived More Than His Doctors And Reached The Age Of 102!

Today, we will tell you a story about a man who suffered from lung cancer. Back in 1976, he was diagnosed with this life-threatening disease.

The doctors told him that he had only 6 months to live. Chemotherapy was the only treatment and he had to start with it immediately.

However, he did not want to accept this alternative, hoping that he will find another solution.

So, he went back to his birth-place-Greece. His wife and his mother took care of him. In the beginning, he was very depressed but after a while, something incredible happened!

Followed by the thought that he had only a few months to live, he changed his lifestyle and became more active. He started climbing a hill which had a Greek Orthodox Church on it.

Every day, he had long talks with the locals who gave him a homemade wine to drink. After a few months, he recovered his strength and was able to plant his own garden.

His family was surprised by his ability to work that much. Each morning, he woke up early and spent the entire day doing something. The work from his garden was successful and his dishes were full of vegetables.

At night, he went to the local bar and played dominoes. Actually, some changes happened in his body and he started feeling very healthy.

He even managed to renovate his house. Every year, he produced more than 1.5000 liters of homemade wine.

He reached 97 years and realized that he managed to beat cancer. So, he went to the hospital to visit his doctors, but this was not possible because they passed away!

As you can see, his decision not to undergo chemotherapy was a life-saving decision. He decided to live in the countryside and lived for 102 years. He died from a natural death.

Check out the video below to find out more details about his life story!