How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Lemons Using Just 1 Seed

Lemons are definitely one of the healthiest foods ever. With its unique taste and yellow color, this fruit offers plenty of health benefits.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which can strengthen the immune system and fight cold and flu.

What is more, they offer powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can treat arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Also, lemons can treat the damage caused by free radicals. They are abundant in flavonoids and they have strong anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties.

As you see, using lemons daily benefits your entire body. So, what if you can grow fresh lemons at home instead of buying them? It is awesome, isn’t it?

The best part is that you need only one seed to grow your own lemons at home. So, let’s find out more!

What you need:

  • 1 lemon
  • Soil of good quality
  • A proper container or pot
  • Breathable plastic film
  • A sunny area

How to plant the seed:

You should place the soil in the pot. Add water to dampen it and leave an inch below the rim. Slice the lemon and take the seed that has the best shape. Remove the flesh.

You need it moistened, so make sure not to dry it. Make a hole in the soil around half an inch and put the seed inside. Cover it with soil and use a watering can or a squirt bottle to water it.

Cover the pot with the plastic for it to keep it moist, and place the pot in a sunny place.

Note that too frequent watering can rot the seed. Take care of the plant for 1-2 weeks, and as soon as it starts sprouting, remove the plastic cover.

Place the pot in a place with a direct sunlight.

How to take care of the lemon tree:

While your tree is young, make sure to water it on a regular basis. This will keep it moist. However, keep in mind that the container should have drainage holes.

Keep the tree in a sunny area. This tree needs sunlight for 8 hours a day.

If needed, add a fertilizer. Once your tree grows larger, you should transfer it into a bigger pot. You can keep it in your backyard or on your balcony.