How to Make Your Greens Last Longer and Stay Nutritious

Seeing the greens you have bought a few days ago wilted is not something any of us enjoys, as even though you have spent the money, you do not have them when needed.

However, there are simple ways to preserve the freshness of your greens and fruits, and use their nutrients longer:

--    Do not wash the veggies and fruits after buying, as this accelerates their ripening

--    Younger produce are richer in nutrients

--    Make sure you store them not too close to one another, as they can cause the premature ripening of the neighboring produce if not packed loosely

--    To prevent the fruits and veggies from quick spoiling, avoid airtight bags, and do not keep them in the packages and containers in which you have originally bought them

--    Make sure you refrigerate the greens immediately or within a few hours after buying them

--    In order to preserve the nutritional value and the freshness of the greens, you need to store them at a temperature between 35˚F and 40˚F.

--    Buy the spinach from the front of the rack, as it has been exposed to most light, and contains the most nutrients

--    Remove any rubber bands and fasteners

--    Choose mushrooms that have been exposed to light, or expose them to UV light at home, in order to increase their shelf life and increase the vitamin D levels

--    Remove tomatoes from the plastic, and keep them upside down in a separate place in the pantry

Being able to preserve the nutritive value of the fruits and vegetables, as well as their crispness and crunch is something we all strive to learn, so follow these tips and you will reap all their benefits!