Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend that You Visit the Beach Regularly. Here’s Why

Are you a beach lover? Do you enjoy a sunny day, beautiful views, a refreshing swim, an afternoon spent with your loved ones? All of these are the simple joys in life, so it does not come as a surprise why these people are the happiest ones.

Visiting the beach benefits your body in various ways! If you’re still looking for a reason to visit the beach, let me tell you more how the sun, sand, and surf will improve your physical and mental health!

Health Benefits of the Beach

It has been scientifically proven that natural environments like beaches and waterfront parks are more beneficial for us than gyms, entertainment venues and the built urban environment.

To get the most of these restorative properties, people need certain conditions on the beach. Experts explain that mild temperature days and low tides offer the most restorative environments when visiting the beach.

The studies claim that beachgoers visiting on a day nearly 3 degrees (F) warmer than average were 30% less likely to perceive the beach as restorative than people visiting on average or cooler days.

1. Sun

The exposure to sun makes our body produce more vitamin D, a vitamin that is very beneficial for our bones and absorption of calcium.

Mayo Clinic claims that 10-minute exposure to sun can provide us with the recommended daily dose of vitamin D. What is more, sun exposure is related to an increase in endorphins and prevention of autoimmune diseases.

2. Sand

Our feet soles have more nerve-endings compared to any other part of our body. Barefoot walking can stimulate even more nerve endings than walking in shoes.

Besides stimulating nerve endings, barefoot walking will strengthen the muscles in the feet. It has been proven that when you walk barefoot, you might be far better connected to the Earth.

This will also boost your mood. Dr. Thierry M. Lejeune, M.D. claims that our muscles perform more mechanical work when running or walking on sand than on a hard surface.

3. Surf

It is well-known that sea water has different minerals, including iodine, potassium and magnesium. All of these minerals offer powerful therapeutic, healing and detoxifying properties.

Swimming is related to increased sense of well-being and reduced stress. Many studies suggest that water-based exercise is very effective for reducing anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, swimming targets most of the major muscle groups. It is an effective alternative for those with injuries, but willing to be physically active.