Psychology Explains Why Blunt People Make The Best Friends

Remember what Crystal Woods said about friends? Here’s a quick reminder: “Ten minutes spent with a genuine friend is better than years spent with anyone less.”

Yes, we’re talking about all those people who aren’t afraid of telling things the way they are. Here’s to all those brutally honest friends who serve you a portion of tough love.

Do you know what ‘blunt’ means? It’s the word for “uncompromisingly forthright.” You probably know a blunt person. We see them everywhere.

Sociologists explain that blunt people can be your best friends. We give you a few reasons to think of when making friends. Look for a blunt person, of course.

1. They always spit it out

Blunt people will always be honest, even if you don’t like to know anything about it. These people are aware of the fact that “it is as it is so people can deal with the very root of the situation,” explains William B. Bradshaw, PhD.

No, they aren’t cruel, but brutally honest. Don’t like that tough love? Well, learn how to live with it. Blunt people will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

Your blunt friend will never lie to you. It’s not like they want you to feel bad. No. your blunt friend won’t lie to you in order to spare your emotions.

You get it straight, and there’s no place for uncertainty. Remember, blunt people always serve the bitter truth.

2. They want to be your friends

Blunt people never pretend to like someone. This will never happen. They never lie about their feelings, and you will know if a particular person likes you or not.

Blunt people say it straight, and you won’t have to guess whether they like you or not. If a blunt person happens to like you, they will make sure you build a strong friendship together.

3. Blunt people make you a better person

Most friends won’t warn you about the changes you have to make. However, your blunt friend won’t think twice before saying it in your face.

These people aren’t afraid of harming your friendship and they have no intention of hurting your emotions.  But, they do want you to improve and you will notice that.

Your blunt friend will point out all the things you should work on, and it’s the best advice you will ever get. “When you surround yourself with friends like this, your life will completely change.

You become more positive, driven and focused on your priorities,” noted lifestyle and business expert Chalene Johnson. Blunt people are the people you need to surround yourself with every time you look for honest answers.

4. Blunt people always apologize

Some people can’t say ‘sorry’ even if they did wrong and know it. Blunt people will always admit they’re wrong, and it’s how they work. These people never have a problem admitting they did wrong, and always talk about that.

You will never have an argument with your blunt friend about admitting something. Your blunt friend will talk about the mistake, and you will even get an apology.

5. Blunt people protect you

Blunt people never deal with wrongdoings against anyone they love. They’re never afraid to speak their mind, and you can always count on them.

Your blunt friend will be by your side every time you deal with things that stress you out. That’s the very same person that will stand by your side when others talk behind your back. You have a best friend, congratulations.


Social interactions matter, and you can get the best of them. Our life is full of different emotions, and you need a lot of energy to build a healthy social live.

You need people who are loving and compassionate. However, you also need blunt friends who will always be honest with you.

Keep in mind that blunt people are the best friends to hangout with, and make sure you have them by your side. Blunt people will challenge you, pushing you towards the better version of yourself.