Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go To Bed Late, Leave A Mess Everywhere And Use Bad Language

There has been plenty of debates on the topic of intelligence and intelligence traits in particular.

Today, science can confirm that distinguishing intelligent people is possible. Mainly, there are several indications which point to the fact that an individual is intelligent.

In fact, many of these indications have lots to do with curse words, oversleeping, and enjoying the clutter. Not convinced?

Read how you can recognize an intelligent person by their lifestyle routines:

1. Intelligent People Enjoy Cursing

Oftentimes, many intelligent people are keen on using swear words. While this is not the best of qualities to possess, it doesn’t happen all the time for intelligent people.

Swearing is a response to the injustices or frustrations that intelligent people perceive, but others don’t. Finally, intelligent people enjoy swearing to release some tension and even encourage themselves.

And since smart people curse a lot, studies confirm that it only takes an intelligent brain to come up with a rich variety of curses. Wow.

2. Intelligent People Like to Sleep In

Unlike most early birds, intelligent people use the night to be productive and then sleep in the next morning. Even if they have to wake up, they use all the time possible to get a good nap and indulge themselves.

A proper sleep is necessary for creativity and the overall health aspect, and intelligent souls seem to be doing it right.

Even more, all intelligent individuals who like to work at night, usually have higher IQs, studies say. Of course, this is a practice that intelligent people probably developed as kids.

3. Intelligent People Live in Chaos…But, It Works!

Chaos is an inexplicable concept for many, but not intelligent people. In fact, those with a higher IQ know how to make a mess of their belongings, but can manage in it quite quickly, as well.

And while others may find their chaos overbearing, to intelligent beings it means staying organized in your own way.

This helps them acquire more creativity and develop their problem-solving skills, too. Many studies assure that a personalized chaos that benefits your lifestyle is a trait most intelligent people possess.

4. Intelligent People are Creative

Anything that makes your routine ‘pop’ makes you an intelligent being. If you cannot hold your feet and enjoy trying out new things, you are nailing it!

Still, keep in mind that creativity is not the same as art. Creativity is basically more applicable in all fields of life and allows you to break the barriers of traditionalism.

There you have it! So, the next time someone swears in front of you while looking all messy, know you might be looking at an intelligent being, instead of a lost soul.