The Benefits Of Having Lemon Water – Facts You Did Not Know

Lemons are great. Citruses are known for their power to optimize our health and aid in the treatment of numerous ailments. Believe it or not, lemons are a lot more than this.

This refreshing fruit can be consumed in multiple ways, and we believe that lemon water is your favorite. You can add a bunch of healthy ingredients, and honey is the best of them all.

Let’s go through some of the health benefits you enjoy when drinking lemon water.


The food you eat has great impact on your overall health, and almost every health problem is associated with a certain digestion issue. Health experts agree that proper digestion is the root of your health.

How can you fix it? Drink more lemon water. Fiber in lemons improve the function of your colon, and lemon water is the first thing you should drink in the morning.

Miracles do happen, and you will be surprised by the way lemon water cleanses your body.


Salt has always been considered as the ultimate tool for hydration. You have probably noticed that every health-boosting drink contains salts, and energy drinks come packed with electrolytes.

If you’re physically active, you probably know that you lose minerals and electrolytes when sweating. Your body needs all that chloride, sodium and potassium, and yes, lemon water can give you that.


Did you know that carrots are as good as lemons when it comes to improving your vision?

Vitamin C and antioxidants are the thing you need in the battle against aging. Lemons can actually reduce your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.


Lemons make your skin gorgeous. Say ‘goodbye’ to your skin issues and premature aging. Compounds in lemons erase wrinkles and slow down the aging process.


Your liver does all the job, and keeps you healthy. That’s why you should take more care of it. Lemon water flushes toxins and bad bacteria out of the body. It will also give you tons of enzymes.


Lemons are abundant in potassium. If by any chance you didn’t know it, lemons are in the top 5 sources of potassium.

In other words, lemon water will cleanse your kidneys, and improve the function of your heart, brain, and muscles.


Lemon water prevents colds, and vitamin C wards off diseases. Simple as that.


Swelling and inflammation are good ‘friends’ of every injury. Chronic inflammation leads to acidosis which creates perfect conditions for the development of numerous ailments.

Lemon water pushes your body towards the alkaline side, and breaks down uric acid buildups.

pH values

It may seem strange to you, but lemons increase the alkalinity in your body. If your body is acidic, you will definitely have problems with your cholesterol levels and diabetes.


Lemon water is your best friends in the fight against weight loss. It stimulates your metabolism and turns on your body’s calorie-burning mode. Let’s not forget that pectin keeps you full for longe.

Drink lemon water in the morning

Coffee isn’t the first thing you should drink in the morning. Yes, coffee really gives you energy, but you will lose it within 2-3 hours.

Lemons are more powerful than your cup of coffee, and you will notice the first results within two weeks of regular consumption.