True Value of Life – Inspiring Story

There was once a man who wanted to ask God a very important question. So, he went on to find God and finally ask him,

“What’s the value of life?”

As a response, God gave the man a stone and said he must reveal the stone’s value without trying to make money off of selling it.

The man then went to an orange seller and wanted to know how much he would pay to buy the stone. The seller offered the man 12 oranges for it.

The man was dissatisfied and said he didn’t plan to sell it anyway, as God told him not to. He then went to the grocery seller and asked how much would he pay for the stone.

The seller agreed to trade a sack of potatoes for the stone. The man refused the offer again.

Next, he paid a visit to the jeweler. Here, the jeweler offered $100,000 for the stone. The man refused the price. The seller then offered $150,000 for the stone, but the man was adamant not to sell it.

Finally, the men headed to a gemstone shop and asked about the seller to estimate the stone. The seller noticed the stone was a ruby, so he placed it on a red cloth.

He wanted to know where the man found the stone and said the stone was too priceless for anyone to buy.

The man went to talk to God once more, surprised by the jeweler answer. The man wanted to know again what the value of life was. He asked God again to which he replied.

“The value of life lies in the answers of all sellers you visited. You can be as precious as this stone, but many will value the stone based on the level of information you provide and people’s openness to change. Fear has no place in uncovering your true value. Don’t give up in finding someone who can appreciate it.”

Moral of the story: To God, all beings are priceless and valuable, but it is up to you to trust your own value and find someone who can cherish it as well.