What Is Castor Oil Good For? 11 Uses Of Castor Oil And 4 Benefits Of Mixing It With Baking Soda

When we are facing some medical issue, we often tend to go straight to pills and medications, which can be quite harmful to our system. However, there are many natural harmless substances and ingredients such as the castor oil.

The castor oil is a vegetable oil that has been used for thousands of years as a natural therapy for numerous conditions.

Even better, when castor oil is combined with baking soda, you will get a natural oil that can be quite helpful against some annoying conditions. Here are 11 famous uses of castor oil.

1. Ears

People who struggle with tinnitus can actually treat it by consuming 6 to 8 drops of this mixture. Tinnitus is an ear infection that requires a lot of attention.

2. Eyes

Every night when you getting ready for sleeping, apply one drop of castor oil in your eyes. It is a great therapy for cataracts and visual improvement.

3. Mouth and Lips

Castor oil can eliminate symptoms of dry lips, which can be quite annoying, especially in the winter season.

4. Nose and sinuses

If you are a person who is snoring, you can try putting castor oil on your stomach. The intensity of the snoring will decrease and there are big chances that you will stop snoring in 2 or 3 weeks.

5. Back

Struggling with back pain? Have someone massage your back on a daily basis using castor oil.

6. Vertical cord and neck

Castor oil can be used for treating the symptoms of a cold, such as a dry or a sore throat. Simply, massage castor oil on your neck and leave for several minutes for best results.

7. Feet and legs

Castor oil is powerful against cracked heels, or pain in the joints.

8. Stomach

Diarrhea can be cured by consuming 2 drops of castor oil on daily basis. Also, if your stomach is loud, which can be really problematic, simply put several drops of castor oil on your stomach and massage it.

9. Allergies

Numerous kinds of allergies can be treated with castor oil by consuming 5 drops of it every day.

10. Addictions

People who are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes and want to quit, they can use the powers of castor oil in order to control their addiction. Every day, consume 2 drops of castor oil and you will ease your addiction symptoms.

11. Hair and Skin

Massage your scalp every day in order to prevent hair loss or dandruff. Also, you can treat stretch mark and other skin conditions by massaging castor oil on daily basis.

Combination of Baking Soda and Castor Oil

1. Skin stains

Dark spots and marks on your skin can be treated by applying a mixture of castor oil and baking soda. Massage it for several minutes every day for best results.

2. Insect Bites

Insect bites can be really annoying and castor oil and baking soda can really help you here. Massage the area that you have been bitten on and the scratching will go away.

3. Bruises and cuts

You can treat any small cuts and bruises, even burned spots by carefully applying several drops of this natural combination. The oil will heal the wounds faster and will protect the injury from bacteria.

4. Fungal Infections

Fungal infections on your feet can be cured by massaging several drops of castor oil several times throughout the day.