Why You Should Wake Up Early Every Morning, According to Science

Unless they need to, most people find rising early an onerous endeavor, yet science, and those few “early risers” will confirm there are many benefits to, if need be, forcing yourself to get up early.

Getting up early makes most people cranky and grouchy, but if you can get pass those few minutes of grumpiness, you’ll find that it’s in your benefit.

Below we give you a number of good reasons why it’s worth getting up in the morning.

1. There’s Peace, Quiet and Silence

A NCBI study found that when you rise early you rise before traffic jams are formed and all the honking and bustling of the busy streets begins and you get to enjoy a moment’s peace.

This is important as having a peaceful moment to reflect on your thoughts and simply loosen up is extremely rare in our frantic lives.

2. You Get To Plan And Organize Your Day

Getting up early will give you enough time to do everything you need for the day without rushing things. When we get up late we rush to achieve our goals.

It is important to stay organized as it helps you be more productive and what better way to organize yourself than rise early and make a to-do list for which you’ll have more than enough time to accomplish.

3. When You Wake Up Early, You Have Time For Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet we take it for granted and exchange it for a few hours of sleep.

Starting your day early with a healthy meal can go a long way and it may even make you eat less junk food.

4. Waking Up Early Provides More Energy

Contrary to what most people may think, waking up early will provide you with more energy, but not unless you’ve had a bad night.

Going early to bed and rising early the next morning will help you get a good night’s sleep, and it is always much better to rest at night than to sleep during the day.

5. There’s a Chance It’ll Make You More Attractive

If you care about your looks than you should definitely wake early as oversleeping and getting up late generally make you look and feel more tired and exhausted.

The first several morning hours are important and early risers are believed to have lower body mass indices.

6. Waking Up Early Has Links To Good Grades

According to numerous studies both in Europe and America, many students who go early to bed and rise early tend to have better grades.

The studies have simply concluded that students who rise early have a higher GPA, possibly because rising early gives you time to manage your tasks for the day and improves concentration.

7. You’ll Have Better Brain Function

Christopher Randler, a biology professor at Heidelberg, Germany’s University of Education, claims that rising early can help enhance your brain function and that people who are early risers tend to be better critical thinkers and problem-solvers, be more creative, and can easily accomplish more work as their concentration and memory are bolstered.

8. You’ll Sleep Better

People who habitually rise early have accustomed their body to a certain routine which is why they tend to be more productive.

It is logical that going to bed early and rising early provides better sleep than going to bed late and rise early just the same. Once the body gets used to your routing of rising early

9. You’re More Productive When You Wake Up Early

According to a 2008 study by the Journal of General Psychology, early risers don’t procrastinate as much as those who tend to wake up late and are more concentrated and disciplined, which, in turn, leads to being more diligent and industrious.

Other studies have found that people who rise early are more cooperative and easy to work with, and are also more determined than others to finish their tasks.

10. Your Mental Health And Positive Thinking Will Soar

According to a study  published in the Cognitive Therapy and Research journal, people who tent to oversleep, or go to bed late and rise early are more likely to be affected by negative thoughts which can lead to depression.

Rising in the early hours of the day is beneficial for you in many ways, but it probably most affects your mental state and getting up early makes you less susceptible to depression and other mental disorders.