You Think That 120/80 Is A Normal Blood Pressure: You Are Completely Wrong!

When was the last time you checked your blood pressure? If it’s 120/80 and you’re happy about it, it’s time to see things clearly.

Experts at the ESC Association say that 140 systolic and 90 diastolic is the blood pressure you should aim for. However, these values don’t work for everyone. Diabetics shouldn’t go over 130/80.

Can you believe that 139/89 was actually considered as hypertension few years ago? People actually took medication to treat their ‘condition.’ Yes, the very same medication was actually supposed to prevent strokes and heart attack.

Every rapid drop requires immediate professional help. Experts believed that low blood pressure should go lower than 90 mmHg systolic, and lower than 60 diastolic. The values shouldn’t go lower than 80/50.

Low blood pressure isn’t something you should worry about. If your condition is accompanied by headaches, dizziness and abnormal heart rate don’t hesitate to ask for medical assistance?

Hypertension isn’t something you can neglect or ignore. It can lead to serious health issues, meaning early detection is of utmost importance.

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